Mohamed Elati

Group leader
Full professor, University of Lille


Wajdi Dhifli

Associate professor, University of Lille


Anna Niarakis

Associate professor, University of Evry
Research associate

Daniel Trejo Baños

Research Associate

Pauline Trébulle

PhD student

Julia Puig

Research Engineer

Athénaïs Vaginay

PhD student

Aurélien Dispot

Master student

Meng Xiangyu

MD-PhD student

Nidhal Ati

Visting MD-PhD student


Name Role Current occupation
Noémie Oliveira da Costa Master student
Karine Ranovona Rajaofera Master student
Avaneesh Thautam Master student
Camille Illiano Master student
Shawez Khan Master student PhD at VIB, KU Leuven, Belgium
François Bucchini Bioinformatics engineer PhD at VIB, Ghent University, Belgium
Cuong To Post-doc Assistant professor, Vietnam
Konstantinos Koutroumpas Post-doc infoMETRICS Consulting Engineers L.t.d
Rémy Nicolle PhD student Project manager at the CIT (Carte d’Identité des Tumeurs) program of the ligue contre le cancer
Charles Winterhalter Master student PhD Student at Newcastle University
Anaïs Louis Master student Data Manager at Hôpital Européen Georges Pompidou
Jocelyn Brayet Master student Engineer in bioinformatics at Institut Curie
Tugce Yurtseven Master student Business Analyst at Wipro
Chloé Sarnowski Master student Postdoctoral associate chez Department of Biostatistics at Boston University
Rim Fekih Master student Software Engineer at Transatel