GREAT – Genome REgulatory Architecture Tools – is a toolbox comprising multiple software to analyse the complex interplay between genome layout and regulation.

Currently, 3 tools are available:

  • GREAT:SCAN:patterns: systematic and automated analysis of periodic patterns in the position of a set of genomic features.
  • GREAT:SCAN:multipatterns: systematic and automated analysis of regular arrangements in multi-chromosomal organisms, for many conditions at the same time.
  • GREAT:SCAN:PreCisIon: Transcription Factor Binding Sites (TFBS) prediction based on sequence and gene positioning information, followed by a multivariate analysis of the interplay sequence and position information.

Associated publication(s)

  • Bouyioukos, C., Bucchini, F., Elati, M., & Képès, F. (2016). GREAT: a web portal for Genome Regulatory Architecture Tools. Nucleic acids research gkw384.


  • The GREAT web portal can be reached via the abSYNTH synthetic biology platform.
  • Each individual tool can be downloaded as docker image for easy integration in pipelines. The links to the docker images can be found on the ‘Help’ page of the web portal.