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  • Invited research talk: “Inférence, interrogation et ingénierie de réseaux de facteurs de transcription.” M. Elati ASSTABIO, GT Bioss, Rennes Mars 2018
  • Poster: “” J. Puig, W. Dhifli, M. Elati  Applied Bioinformatics in Life Science , Leuven, BE 2018
  • Poster: “Systems biology of integrin inhibition-induced apoptosis for a novel glioblastoma treatment” A. Vagignay, K. Ranovana, A. Niaraki, M. Elati  Applied Bioinformatics in Life Science , VIB Leuven, BE 2018
  • Invited research talk: “Elucidating Heterarchy of Transcription Factors Driving Tumor-related Phenotypes” M. Elati  2nd International conference on Genomic Medicine , Houston, Texas, USA 2018
  • Invited research talk: ” Gene Regulatory networks and their applications” M. Elati Institut Pasteur Seminar, Lille January 2018
  • Workshop co-organiser W. Dhifli  Bioinformatics and Artificial Intelligence (BAI) @ IJCAI 2018


  • Selected research talk:P. Trébulle “Inference and interrogation of a coregulatory network in the context of lipid accumulation in Yarrowia lipolytica”   3rd Conference of the French Research Group on Synthetic Biology, La Grand Motte, October 2017.
  • Best paper award: T. Banos, M. Elati. “Integrating transcriptional activity in genome-scale models of metabolism” 16th International Conference on Bioinformatics (InCoB 2017) Tsinghua, China 2017
  • Selected research talk: A Moreno-Vega “Characterisation of the FGFR3 regulatory network in bladder tumors”   workshop BioNetVisA Basel 2017
  • Invited research talk: ” Gene Regulatory networks and their applications” M. Elati ENS Seminar, Paris Mai 2017
  • Workshop co-organiser:  W. Dhifli. Bioinformatics and Artificial Intelligence (BAI) @ IJCAI 2017


  • Invited research talk: ” Inference et interrogation de reseaux biologiques” M. Elati Symbiose, IRISA, Rennes Mai 2016
  • Workshop co-organiser:  M. Elati,  E. Birmelé, B. Hanczar and L. Boudjeloud-Assala of “Grands Graphes et Bioinformatique”, EGC Reims, 2016



  • Selected talk: “A model for gene deregulation detection using expression data”. T. Picchetti, J. Chiquet, M. Elati, P. Neuvial, R. Nicolle, E. Birmelé. GIW/InCoB2015, Tokyo 2015
  • Selected talk: “Multivariate analysis of the interplay between genome architecture and gene expression”. Bouyioukos C, Bucchini F, Elati M, Képès F. SMODIA, Valencia 2015
  • Workshop co-organiser:  M. Elati,  E. Birmelé and L. Boudjeloud-Assala of “Fouille de Grands Graphes: Application à la bioinformatique”, EGC Luxembourg, 2015
  • Invited speaker: “From biological network reconstruction to data analysis and visualization”. M. Elati. 6th Annual World DNA and Genome Day (WDD-2015) – Phase B04: Bioinformatics/Computational Tools, Big Data Analysis and Visualization, Nanjing, China


  • Selected talk (travel fellowship): “PEPPER: Cytoscape app for Protein complex Expansion using Protein-Protein intERaction networks”. M. Elati. Cytoscape app session – Seventh Annual RECOMB/ISCB Conference on Regulatory and Systems Genomics, with DREAM Challenges and Cytoscape Workshops, San Diego, USA, 2014.
  • Best poster award: “Integration of proteomic data and clinical annotations reveals ciliopathy mechanisms.”
    K. Koutroumpas, J. van Dam, G. Toedt, Q. Lu, J. van Reeuwijk, K. Boldt, M. Ueffing, T. Gibson, R. Russell, R. Roepman, M. Huynen, M. Elati, F. Képès. Systems Medecine Conference, Santorini, 2014


  • Invited speaker: “Reconstruction and interrogation of biological networks”. M. Elati. IEEE International Conference for Engineering Sciences for Biology and Medicine, Mahdia, 2013
  • Best poster award: “Modelling normal cells identifies master regulators in cancer.” Rémy Nicolle, M Elati, J Southgate, F Radvanyi. RegGenSIG (ISMB/ECCB),  Berlin, 2013
  • Workshop co-organizer:   E. Barillot, M. Elati, F. Radvanyi, C. Rouveirol, D. Thieffry of “Mathematics and biology of cancer meeting”, Institut Curie, 12th of June 2013, Paris