• Congratulations to our 3 team members Pauline Trébulle, François Bucchini and Shawez Khan for being awarded PhD fellowships in iSSB/INRA (IDEX), VIB Ghent (Marie Curie) and VIB, KU Leuven, respectively.
  • New paper in the NAR 2016 web server issue for the GREAT web portal.
  • Mohamed Elati is one of the winners of the national call for proposal ITMO Cancer Aviesan-INSERM "Systems Biology and cancer", part of the "plan cancer 2014-2019" set by the French government, for his multidisciplinary project "LIONs" (Large-scale Integrative approach to unravel the relationships between differentiatiON and tumorigenesiS)
  • The i3-bionet research group is now live!
  • Mohamed Elati was interviewed by the University of Evry Val d'Essonne to speak about the LIONS project. Click on the title to read more!

The I3-BioNet cycle


Our group propose to rationalize the comprehension of complex genotype–phenotype interactions through a “computational network biology” cycle, that we call “I3-BioNet”, composed of three building “blocks”: the inference (reconstruction), interrogation (characterization) and implementation (synthesis) of biochemical networks. Approaches range from machine learning, evolutionary computation, bioinformatics, visual analytics to systems and synthetic biology. We pursue multi-disciplinary projects that aim 1) to determine how complex regulatory circuits function and evolve in response to environmental changes, cellular differentiation, disease, and evolution. 2) to generate efficient cell factories (for the production of proteins and metabolites of interest).

Learn more on the I3-BioNet project page !